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The Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is currently waiving the 25 USD fee to enter Thailand with E-Visa on arrival until further notice. After this date, all travelers may be required to make an additional payment when arrival in Vienam

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“What is the Vietnam e-Visa? In order to speed up the visa approval process, The Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has implemented a Vietnam Visa on arrival online. The Vietnam Online Visa is an electronic travel authorization which is intended to allow citizens of eligible countries to enter Vietnam mainly for tourism purposes. By allowing eligible citizens to apply online for a visa before traveling the new process vastly simplifies the procedures to enter Vietnam. The approved e-Visa for Vietnam will then be sent directly to the applicant by email. This electronic visa is known by different names, Vietnam e-Visa, Vietnam visa online or Vietnam e-VOA (Vietnam electronic visa on arrival). To be eligible, travelers must have a passport valid for at least thirty (30) days upon the entry date and arrive by plane at one of the international airports and border gate in Vietnam. Once there, they can pass quickly through border control using the dedicated fast line for e-Visa on arrival holders. Vietnam e-Visa on Arrival (E-VOA).”

Tony Bui, Co-Founder

Who We Are ?

Online application Govisa.com.vn website belongs to Indo-Pacific Travel JSC . Since 2012, it has offered specialized online visa application services to help travelers during the visa application process. Our agents assist travelers to obtain travel authorizations from governments. Our services include the proper review of all answers, assistance with completing the application, review of the application for accuracy, completeness, spelling, and grammar; our services also include the translation of information. We may also contact our clients via phone: +84 968512486 or email:info@indopacific-travel.com if we require additional information to complete the request.

Once the application on our website is complete, an immigration expert reviews it and will submit an E-Visa Vietnam request to the Government of Vietnam. E-Visa Vietnam applications are subject to approval by the government of Vietnam, but our expertise ensures an application that is 100% free of errors. We would like to ENSURE you that all data provided through this form, will remain strictly confidential.

What We Do ?

Online application Govisa.com.vn provides help and assistance to both individuals and legal entities with their online E-Visa Vietnam application. We are a private website that is not affiliated with the Vietnam government. Our professional travel support services are provided for a fee of consulting services. While applicants can process their application directly through the government of Vietnam, they will do so without the benefit of our personalized travel assistance services

When someone processes their e-Visa Vietnam application on our website, all of their personal details will be verified before the application is submitted to authorities.The Visa Vietnam enrollment will be linked to the traveler’s passport. Applicants normally receive their e-Visa Vietnam within 1 business day(s), however some may take longer to process, up to 7 business day(s). Additionally, customers whose e-Visa application is not approved may be eligible for a 100% money back guarantee.

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We only employ the most up-to-date technology to guarantee our clients’ privacy and to safeguard their information throughout the entire e-Visa Vietnam process, which includes payment